What to do

To obtain a one-month tourist visa.

This is obligatory.

Since December 2018, the e-visa process is in place and we encourage you to usse it as it should speed up your arrivals process. Visa requirements and costs for travellers to Tanzania have remained the same, and depend on the nationality of the passport holder. Full details on the new e-visa service can be found here.

Visas on arrival are still available to passport holders who were previously eligible for this, however please note that the Tanzanian Government has stated they hope to phase these out in time, making the e-visa a requirement in future.

You’ll find the address of the Embassy of Tanzania in your country at http://www.embassiesabroad.com/embassies-of/Tanzania.

Finally, please note that the Ministry of Health requires the following traveler’s health surveillance form to be completed online within 24 hours before your arrival in Tanzania.

Full repatriation insurance (compulsory).

To participate to any Afric’Aventure’s safari, you are required to subscribe to full repatriation insurance. Nevertheless, our Company is covered for your transfer from the bush to Nairobi (Kenya) in case of serious medical problem.

Things are not always going as you have planned them. Therefore, we recommend you to take a travel cancellation insurance in case anything unexpected should happen. This insurance will pay cancellation costs due to illness, accident, pregnancy etc.. The additional traveling expenses due to a premature or a belated return journey could also be reimbursed.

To consider preventative treatment of malaria.

Preventative medication for malaria is highly recommended when you are coming for a safari. Treatment usually starts some time before the arrival in Tanzania.

You should therefore seek advice from a registered travel clinic or from your general practitioner at least three weeks prior to departure.

Please note that if you intend to dive, you are not permitted to do so if you are taking “Larium” malaria pills.

Get your yellow fever vaccination.

Yellow fever is a viral infection for which there is as yet no medical cure. Fortunately, there is a very effective vaccination, which has no side effects. It is valid for ten years, and must be administered at least ten days prior to departure.

The vaccination against yellow fever is only compulsory if you’ve stayed in an endemic country prior to travel to Tanzania.

Do not leave this to the last moment, as yellow fever cannot be administered anywhere: in France, for instance, only the Institut Pasteur can do so. Your local general practitioner will be able to inform you on the closest vaccination center to your home.

To get advices on the hepatitis a vaccination.

This liver infection is orally transmitted through food, drink or any other object which has been in direct or indirect contact with excrement. The hepatitis A vaccination is recommended since this disease can easily be contracted if you do not take certain simple precautions. Anyhow, you should get medical advice from your doctor.

Cholera vaccination on the other hand is not recommended at all. 99.9% of cases can be avoided just by following basic hygiene’s rules and Cholera is treated very effectively.

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