île de Pemba Tanzanie-Afrique

Pemba Island


Pemba Island is the second island of Zanzibar archipelago, about 50km North of Unguja and 50km from the Tanzanian coast. The island, with almost no tourism, is ideal for retreating away from the modern world.

It is distinguished by mountainous relief and lush vegetation. The coast is mainly lined with mangroves, but there are also some nice white sand beaches.

The wealth of the island comes from the culture of cloves, tropical fruits and local vegetables.

One of the main attractions of the island is its rich marine life, with reefs and coral scarps that plunge to depths of over 800 meters.

The best months for diving are from September to the end of March while for those who don’t dive, the months of June to October offer the best weather.

Fundu Lagoon pool

Fundu Lagoon

The Manta Resort underwater room océan

The Manta Resort

The Manta Resort chambre

The Manta Resort

Île de Pemba Fundu Lagoon coucher de soleil

Fundu Lagoon

Île de Pemba Fundu Lagoon restaurant

Fundu Lagoon


Few but quality accommodation, and very different from each other.

But above all, there is a very original one: the underwater room, in the ocean, 250 meters offshore of the Manta Resort lodge. 24 hours spent on (and under) this platform are a guarantee of unforgettable memories.

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