Ruaha National Park in Tanzania

Ruaha National Park


Ruaha is an astonishing park which can provide even the most experienced travellers with something new.

The undulating topography, glorious river and majestic trees combine to produce one of Africa’s most captivating landscapes. As the number of visitors is quite limited, it possesses a true wilderness atmosphere. Symbolized by the kudu, it is believed to have the highest concentration of elephants than any other national park in East Africa, as well as an amazing diversity of carnivores (lions, hyenas, wild dogs, leopards, cheetahs, …).

Those having experience with Africa’s national parks consider Ruaha to be one of the best kept secrets, listing it as their favourite park.

Parc national de Ruaha Kichaka Zumbua

Kichaka Zumbua

Parc national de Ruaha Jongomero Manor

Jongomero Manor

Parc national de Ruaha Ikuka Safari Camp

Ikuka Safari Camp

Parc national de Ruaha Mwagusi Safari Camp

Mwagusi Safari Camp


Ruaha Park offers a nice variety of “tented” camps, ranging from the simple, but very well-serviced Mdonya Old River Camp, to the superb Ikuka Safari Camp or Kichaka Zumbua.

The camps differ not only in terms of comfort, but also according to their location (in the heart of the park, or on the edge, on the escarpments to the North, or to the West or the East of the park), or in terms of possible activities (safari on foot, night safari, visit to a Masai village, etc.).

We would be happy to discuss with you and/or provide you with any advice to make the optimum choice for the accommodation that best meets your wishes.

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