What to take

Take appropriate clothing

You will need light clothing :

• Cotton trousers
• Shorts or bermuda shorts
• Shirts, preferably in cotton, and if possible one of which at least with long sleeves for protection against mosquitos.
• For the animals, try to pack clothes that aren’t too bright: avoid red, white and other bright colours, but also black and dark blue, which will attract mosquitoes and tsetse flies.
• Sport shoes and lightweight shoe, sandals.
• Hat or cap.
• Swimming costume (most of the camps have a swimming pool)
• A single sweatshirt should be more than enough (20º nights in the highlands can be cool in July / August especially). But it’ll be necessary if you going to Ruaha, Katavi or Mahale.
• A lightweight water proof jacket (if you travel during the raining season, but it can also cut the wind during dry season!)

Don’t forget binoculars and camera

It would be a shame going back home with nothing to remember the best moments !

If you are looking for impressive photos your camera should ideally have a 35 – 70mm (or similar range) for the landscape and a 200mm telephoto lens for the animals.

• You might need sun filter lens covers and a flash for the evening shots around the campfire.
• We recommend carrying the photo equipment in a dust and shock-proof camera bag.
• Binoculars are recommended.
• A flashlight might come handy in some situations.

A small bag containing :

• Your personal medications
• Sun cream with a high protection factor
• After sun cream
• An anti-histaminic against insect bites.
• Insect repellent

And don't forget . . .

to pack everything into one travel bag and one hand luggage.

On interior flights, the allowance is 15 Kgs per person, with preference for soft luggages.

Since June 2019, plastic bags are BANNED in Tanzania. Please remember it when packing !

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